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Potřeby: VR Headset and controllers
Počet hráčů: od 1 do 13
Věk hráčů: Mladší děti
Délka hry: Delší
Náročnost přípravy: Snadná
Charakter hry: Hra pro učení či vzdělávání
Navigate through a shifting timeline to rewrite history!
Autor nebo zdroj: Ethan carter
Players are Chrononauts tasked with fixing paradoxes scattered throughout history.
Each level presents a historical event with an altered outcome (e.g., the Pyramids never built in Egypt).
Players control a drone that can travel through three distinct timelines: Past, Present, and Future.
By manipulating objects and interacting with characters in each timeline, players create a chain reaction that corrects the paradox and restores the original historical event.
Puzzles can involve:
Placing objects in specific locations across timelines.
Triggering events in one timeline to cause a cascading effect in another.
Convincing historical figures to make different choices. (Here, some puzzles might involve using the drone to deliver messages or nudge historical figures towards specific actions, creating a ripple effect through time).
Completing a level rewrites history and unlocks the next paradox.
For an additional challenge, players can connect online and collaborate on fixing paradoxes. Using a "group greeting cards" interface, Chrononauts can share information, strategize solutions, and witness the combined efforts of their team rewriting history.

Additional Notes:

Chronoshift utilizes a unique "time echo" mechanic. Players can leave behind recordings of their actions in one timeline that can be interacted with in another.
The game features a robust historical database with information about the events and figures players encounter.
Character interactions are achieved through voice recognition and pre-recorded dialogue choices.